Sessions Canyon Trail

I have to admit, Nathan and I went on this trail by accident. We had originally planned on hiking the Holbrook Canyon trail, but we got a little mixed up and ended up hiking this one. And guess what? It turned out amazing.
I have to be honest, I haven’t been able to find what this trail is called. The sign in the parking lot says Holbrook Canyon and Sessions Canyon. I know for a fact that the Holbrook Canyon trail heads down into the canyon – so I’m assuming Sessions is the one that heads up. Who knows? Maybe we went on an unnamed trail. If you recognize this trail – let me know! I’d love to know what it’s called!


At the top of the mountain.

The trail heads up a pretty long and steep mountain. At some points it feels like you are pretty much crawling up the face of it. My legs were burning. Seriously. But, I didn’t give up! Making it to the top of that mountain was such an amazing feeling! And the best part? The rest of the hike was a piece of cake! Seriously! Once you reach the top, the rest of the trail wraps around the tops of the surrounding hills, and is mostly flat. The view is incredible! You can see the whole city, and the salt flats off in the distance. Once you loop around,  you will come to a lookout point with benches, which overlooks the LDS Bountiful Temple. Seriously guys – so pretty! We took the pups with us, and they loved the whole thing! They were real troopers up the mountain, and they loved all the wildflowers and smells.



gorgeous vista views!


The wildflowers were insane!


The girls checking out the city view


Isn’t this amazing? So worth it!


The best part of the hike is that to get back, it’s all down hill! No more crawling up the face of a ginormous mountain, stopping every five minutes to stretch and catch your breath (no really!)!

What you need to know before you go:

  • From the parking lot, facing the mountains (not the street) this trail is to the left and heads UP the trail. Holbrook is to the right closer to the street and heads down. Don’t make our mistake!
  • This hike is around 3-4 miles long, bring adequate water and snacks!
  • Most of this hike is in the full sun – wear sunscreen!
  • The best time of year to hike this trail is in May/June! I’m sure the views are just as stunning any time of year, but during the early summer the mountains are flourish with beautiful wildflowers!

    Here’s the driving instructions, via the Davis County website:
    Take the Bountiful 400 North exit from 1-15. Head east and follow it all the way around. It will go a couple miles and you will run into the Bountiful LDS Temple on the left. Just past that on the left (East) side of the street, you will see the trail head with a parking lot and sign. 


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